The California Tower
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

A Maas-Rowe Carillon was originally installed here in 1946 as a Memorial to the Veteran's of WWII. It was donated by a City Councilman and named after his mother.

The City of San Diego later modernized and expanded the instrument to a Maas-Rowe 100-bell Symphonic Carillon©.

The bells are actually small chimes weighing just a few ounces each and individually tuned by hand using a process developed and patented by Maas-Rowe.

Their sound is then amplified millions of times and projected through weatherproof speakers in the tower.

This method produces a live and authentic sound since real metal is being struck.

The bells can be heard at the San Diego Zoo nearby so millions of people have heard them ringing the hours and playing carillon music.

People often inquire to find out how many cast bells have been installed here and are surprised to learn that what they are hearing is actually a Maas-Rowe electronic carillon. 

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 Photo by Paul Rowe (Canon EOS 20D)