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Established in 1922, Maas-Rowe has provided church bells, chimes, carillons and tower clocks for many of America's most famous places. Maas-Rowe manufactures unique electronic carillons that employ struck metal "miniature bells" to produce an authentic live bell sound acclaimed by musical experts.

NEW PRODUCT! Maas-Rowe Carillons, Inc. introduces our newest product, the Bellwether
The new Maas-Rowe Bellwether Boasts a beautiful 10" Touch Screen and ease of use. Holiday programming is a snap with date sensing technology so that you don't have to keep track of floating holidays. With the Bellwether you get the same great "clear-as-a-bell" Chronobell sound that you have come to enjoy from our other legacy products. Click on this link to view a PDF Brochure of the All New Bellwether.

Maas-Rowe Manufactures Digital Carillon Players to provide beautiful "clear-as-a-bell" digital carillon music.

Maas-Rowe offers the world's finest Cast Bronze Church Bells, Bell Strikers, and other bell accessories.

Maas-Rowe builds their own
Tower Clock Drives that reset automatically after power outages and for daylight saving time. They are available with a GPS Master Clock and/or can be connected to the carillon.

Maas-Rowe has Illuminated Tower Clocks with backlighted faces and Architectural Clocks using Roman Numerals, Regular Numerals or Markers mounted directly to wall surface.

Maas-Rowe Illuminated Signs are designed to meed the needs of Churches and Schools.

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